Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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1) Do I get a certificate? 

Certificates of participation will be issued at the end of the training courses LEARNING TO LEARN and YOUTH WORKER. Up to that moment, you have the time to complete as many courses as you can and even get deeper in each topic included on the portal. The option to download your certificate will be activated once you explore the courses at least on the minimum requirements and fill in the final feedback form plus you pass the final test.

For the modules Career Box and The simulation box of jobs, the bracelets you get at the end indicate the fact that you have explored the minimum proposed by the organisers. Not being online courses in the classical way, they do not have the certificate option.



2) How much does it cost to participate in a course/module? 

The courses and modules are offered for free during 2017 thanks to the support of ERASMUS + programme and the effort of the project team.



3) Are the badges important? 

Yes, they are. We value them and your results will be connected to them. For the module Career Box and The simulation box of jobs the bracelets (badges) you get at the end have the meaning of exploring the minimum proposed by the organisers.


4) How can I get more badges? 

The badges system is presented in each course/module on the Navigation panel -> Current course -> ____ (course) ->Badges -> Course badges

The connection between modules 

5) What is the connection between the modules on the website and the youth worker? 

The first three modules, THE CAREER BOX, THE SIMULATION BOX OF JOBS and LEARNING TO LEARN can be explored directly by the young people or with the support of the youth worker helping them in their professional development.


6) Can I subscribe to all the courses and modules? 

Yes, you can and we encourage you to do it if you are interested in them. 

7) Are there any differences between the modules on the website? 

The first one, THE CAREER BOX, is an interactive guide; the second one, THE SIMULATION BOX OF JOB, is a small simulation environment for ten jobs. The last two, LEARNING TO LEARN (basic competence) and YOUTH WORKER (level beginner- intermediate) are online training courses. There are differences of level and approach: the online courses have supplementary, small games and also videos explaining the content.

Content exploration 

8) If I read the text in the YOUTH WORKER course, do I have to watch the video, as well? 

Generally, the videos will follow the “red thread” of the written text, but they also include some extra elements.


9) Are the courses available in other languages as well? 

All the online modules and training courses are available in both English and Romanian languages.


10) Are there any differences between the modules in the 2 languages in terms of content?

The content is at least 89% similar. There are some differences due to the exploring moments; the English version had, at some point, some supplementary elements (group work, peer evaluations etc).

The future 

11) Can I still use the platform after I have finished the course? 

Yes, you can use the platform for free, at least in 2017. 

12) How do I check a mission accomplished?

On the main page of the course you have a box (a little square) which is near that particular mission; check it by clicking on it.

13) Where do I find the secret codes?

In the challenges from the online courses LEARNING TO LEARN and YOUTH WORKER you can see a blinking button or an element which should not be there. If you move the mouse pointer over it or you click on it the secret code will be revealed. Write it down. 

Sometimes it is easier, the secret code is given just before you leave the challenge, at the end of it.

You can see an example below; please be advised that the code shown here is not the real one from the course, it is given only as an example, to explain the idea.

14) Is it obligatory to find the secret codes?

No, it is up to you, at the end of the day. You can finish the course even without them.

15) Which are the secret codes? / I forgot to write them down, can you, please, send them to me?

If we give them to you they will not be secret any more, right? 

You can explore the material again and this time write them down, please.

16) Is it obligatory to enrol in order to follow a course?

Yes. You need to create a user on the platform and enrol yourself in order to follow the modules/courses.

17) How do I create the user on the website?

On the first page, in the right top corner, click on the LOG IN button. Follow the steps there and you will receive a message to confirm your account. Check SPAM folder, as well, sometimes it goes there. Once you create your account you can enrol to any course(s) you want. Take a look at the next questions and answers for more details.

18)How do I enrol to a course?

19) How do I explore, take a course?

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