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Milestones in our journey so far:

2017 - September - December - All the sections of the web-site are in the sustainability period, open in EXPLORER mode;

2017 – 5th of August – the platform has reached 2000 users! 


2017 – July – August – all the modules are re(open) in English and Romanian languages  for the last groups in this project


2017 – July the final partners meeting in Timișoara, Romania 


2017 - 6-9th of July – The multiplier event from Timișoara, ”The boxes of a youth worker – the European challenge” brings 57 participant from 21 Erasmus+ programme countries:  Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK


2017 – July – Gama versions of Youth Worker online course and Learning to learn online course are open


2017 - May - full month dedicated to the learning to learn online course - Gama version



2017 - April - Alfa version - face to face youth worker certified training course was delivered

2017 - April - full month dedicated to the youth worker online course - Alfa version

2017 - January - April -  learning to learn online course - Beta version


2017 - March

Beta versions made available for:


2017 - February

Last month for enrolments to the Youth Worker - online training course - Alfa version with the start in March-April

2016 - October

Alfa version of the course LEARNING TO LEARN launched.



2016 - September 

Transnational meeting in Paphos, Cyprus, to work on the project.


2016 - August

We are launching the Alfa version of two areas of the voyage and we invite you to join us!

The Career Box

The simulation box of jobs


2016 – May

Another partners meeting takes place, this time in Potenza, Italy, to test and plan the products of the initiative;


2016 - April

The first versions of the movies and simulations are ready and tested;


2015 - November

The journey continues with a meeting with all the partners in the project in Arad, Romania;


2015 – September

Let the voyage begin!




Good news, the project proposal is approved on the Erasmus+ programme. The voyage can start!



2010 – 2013

The full voyage took a long time to prepare;

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