Follow up project - E+ Round-Trip Online Preparation for Young People

Summary of the follow-up project “E+ Round-Trip Online Preparation for Young People”

This project, “E+ Round-Trip Online Preparation for Young People” is the third part of a trilogy which started with The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker” which had great positive results in terms of indicators, continued with “Online Training Courses for E+ Youth Workers” in order to arrive now to a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment and takes the results on a higher level and connects them with young people as well.

Shall we?

Are you ready for enrolment? You can APPLY by creating the user account here HERE

Once you have the account, the courses are accessible in four languages: English, Romanian, Italian and German.

You will find in this new journey, in 2020-2021, online modules for:


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