The story of the VOYAGE

In days long past, young people chose to undertake a long journey of learning opportunities in order to master a trade and earn more privileges. They would travel places, meet people, let themselves be taught by guild members – all to develop and refine their skills and become accomplished tradesmen or craftsmen such as textile workers, stone cutters, glass workers, carpenters, carvers, metal workers, armourers, shoemakers etc. Supervised experience, proven skills and years of apprenticeship later, they would become a journeyman – a qualified tradesman ready to develop into a master. 


We would like to invite you to our modern-day voyage of learning and discovery while still preserving some flavour of the times long gone. Should you enter our portal, 4 levels of virtual journeys await you!  You can travel them all or only some of them:

·  Tools to be used in getting ready for a career nowadays, from discovering your inner preferences to preparing yourself for an interview – 1st area;

·  Movies about 10 professions, descriptions, and some career simulations, which will help you unveil aspects of jobs you want to find out more about – 2nd area;

·  How to learn, in an online training course focusing on developing your learning to learn competence – 3rd area;

·  A training course for the youth worker aimed at those who would like to find out more about ”the youth guides” – 4th area;


Have fun and enjoy the ride! You can start here! 

    Available courses


    Online training course and assessment tool for one key competence: learning to learn. Key chapters covered here: 

    - An overview of learning to learn competence;

    - Time management; 

    - Information management;

    - The proper lifestyle for quick learning.


    Curs online și instrument de evaluare pentru o compentență cheie: a învăța să înveți. Capitolele cheie ce se regăsesc în cadrul acestui curs sunt următoarele:

    - Aspecte generale cu privire la competența cheie a învăța să înveți;

    - Managementul timpului;

    - Managementul informației;

    - Stilul de viață potrivit pentru o învățare rapidă.


    Acest modul vă ajută să identificați ce ocupație vi s-ar potrivi cel mai bine, cel puțin dintre cele 10 pe care vi le propunem: asistent medical, medic, operator asamblare, agent de vânzări, manager, șofer, profesor, inginer, programator IT, sportiv. 


    Vei găsi aici instrumente de pregătire pentru carieră – de la descoperirea preferințelor personale, la pregătirea pentru interviul de angajare.

    Treci pragul, depășește-ți statutul de ucenic și pornește în călătoria calfelor!